Harvest efficiency, confidence and gain a deep understanding of your financial landscape.

The Key Benefits of Metics are:

Time Saving

You can quickly create financial models and scenarios, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual calculations. Automation and pre-built models save valuable time, enable you to focus on strategic decision-making and other critical tasks.

Less Complexity

Metics simplifies financial modelling by providing a user-friendly interface with intuitive tools. You can build models and analyze data without the complexity of coding or intricate spreadsheet formulas.

Full Overview on Financial Outcomes

Metics offers a comprehensive "One View" dashboard, providing you with a holistic overview of your financial situation. You can easily track trends, assess the impact of decisions, and gain insights into your financial outcomes, all in one place.

Easy to Discuss Financials with 'Non-Financials'

Metics' graphical representations and clear visualizations make it easy for you to communicate financial information effectively to team members or stakeholders who may not have a financial background. Complex financial data is presented in a way that is understandable to a wider audience.

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Reliable and Trustworthy

Metics' emphasis on data quality and accuracy ensures that you can rely on the software for trustworthy financial insights. Reduced errors and consistent results build confidence in decision-making, fostering trust among users and stakeholders alike.

The following key features enable you to establish trust in your financial planning and decision-making processes:

Effortless Model Building

Create models without writing code. Customize item properties to tailor your models.

Dynamic Relations

Establish relations in the model to simulate variable cost structures and working capital dynamics.

Efficient Asset and Debt Management

Simplify investment management. Streamline financing structures.

Time-Based Analysis

Effortlessly switch between yearly and monthly models with the "Period Converter."

Error-free models

Benefit from the pre-built "3 Statement Model" for accurate and error-free modelling.

Automatic Valuation

The software performs real-time valuations, helping users understand the impact of decisions on enterprise value.

Visualize and Analyze

Utilize graphical representations for trend monitoring. Access a comprehensive "One View" dashboard. Perform ratio analysis with the "Ratio Drawer." Set, track, and manage goals with the "Goals Drawer."

Bottle-neck Insights

Set constraints on critical values, run scenarios to assess the impact of these constraints, and identify solutions to optimize the financial outcomes.

Sensitivity Checking

Perform sensitivity checking by adjusting key variables or assumptions and assess the impact of these changes on financial outcomes.