Together, we can transform the future of financial planning and unlock unprecedented opportunities for our clients.

Metics is committed to forging valuable partnerships that drive growth and success. Continue reading to discover how you can establish a partnership with Metics and the advantages it brings to your business.

Become a Metics partner.

We are more than just creators of magnificent software. We believe in the power of partnerships. We invite you to join us on a journey where we reshape financial scenario planning, hand in hand.

By teaming up with Metics, you gain access to cutting-edge financial modelling software that empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions, optimize cash flow and achieve their growth aspirations.

Our partnership promises mutual benefits. You will have the opportunity to expand your services, offer clients a game-changing financial planning solution and open new revenue streams.

- Jeffrey Janssen, Metics ambassador

The partner program is designed
around finance professionals for
internal and external use.


As a consultant you understand the value of data-driven decision-making and comprehensive financial planning. Partnering with Metics allows you to combine your consulting expertise with cutting-edge technology, enabling your clients to make informed decisions and achieve their business goals.


Accountancy firms play a crucial role in helping clients manage their finances. Partnering with Metics allows you to expand your service offerings, increase client satisfaction, and position your accountancy firm as a trusted advisor in financial scenario planning.

Interim professionals

As a self-employed professional, you understand the importance of efficient financial planning. Partnering with Metics enables you to deliver superior financial planning services to your clients, enhancing their financial well-being while growing your solo practice with recurring income.

Unlock New Revenue Streams

Expand your service offerings and revenue streams by reselling Metics to your clients. Offer value-added consulting services by helping your clients implement and make the most of Metics for their financial planning needs.

Empower Your Clients

Provide your clients with an intuitive and efficient financial modelling tool that simplifies complex 'what-if' scenarios. Enable your clients to make data-driven decisions, optimize their growth, and improve their financial results.

Enhance Your Expertise

Position yourself as a trusted advisor with access to cutting-edge technology. Leverage Metics' patented Two-Way® technology to offer unique insights and solutions to your clients, setting you apart from competitors.

Partner Qualifications and Values.

Appreciation of Scenario Planning Benefits

Partners should understand that powerful scenario planning offers significant advantages to clients. They must be able to communicate and promote these benefits effectively.

Focus on Recurring Revenue

Partners should appreciate the value of offering or creating a recurring revenue stream. This approach fosters customer loyalty and ensures long-term partnerships with clients.

Preference for Effective Tools

Partners should acknowledge that younger generations prefer effective tools over complex spreadsheets. They should be receptive to adopting and promoting user-friendly financial software like Metics to meet the evolving needs of clients.