Metics brings simplicity in scenario planning.

Faster Decision-Making

Streamline your financial analysis and decision-making processes.

Data-Backed Decisions

Base your choices on precise data, enhancing the quality of your strategies.

Top-Down Insights

Visualize how changes impact critical metrics to make informed decisions.

Smart Data Graphs

Easily manipulate financial data using intuitive graphs. This streamlines the entire data adjustment process, saving valuable time. Graph-based data adjustments reduce the risk of manual errors, ensuring data accuracy and reliable financial insights.

Two-Way Calculations

Make top-down adjustments to see immediate downstream effects on metrics like revenue. Real-time impact analysis empowers you to make informed decisions by understanding how changes in one area of your business affect other aspects, enabling more strategic planning.

Bottleneck Insights

Identify critical bottlenecks using constraints and targets, enabling proactive risk management. This approach enables you to develop strategies to mitigate potential issues before they become major challenges.